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Welcome to the school and the city

Aarhus School of Architecture is one important reason why Aarhus today has a reputation as a city where international architecture and design flourish. The many internationally recognised firms of architects and designers in the city have their origins in Aarhus School of Architecture and enjoy great success in Denmark and abroad.


This is due, among other things, to the fact that the school, since it was established in 1965, has been firmly founded on the humanistic traditions of Scandinavian architecture, the Scandinavian climate and landscapes and the distinctive Scandinavian light in the towering sky. A particularly Danish aspect of the programme offered is that it covers all facets of the profession of architecture - from design over building to physical planning.


Although you as an undergraduate eventually must specialise, your first years will provide you with valuable insight into all stages of the profession. And, irrespective of stage, we emphasise the traditional core skills of architecture: the artistic, holistic approach to the task in hand and the ability to work in spatial and visual terms.


There is much to suggest that architecture in the future will take on a larger number of and more diversified projects and roles that complement and enlarge the existing field of work. At the same time, projects will become more and more complex. Architects must therefore supplement their traditional skills with new, including the ability to work on an interdisciplinary basis and draw on other skills in performing tasks. This naturally has a rub-off effect on the programme of studies.


Inspiration from the outside world is absolutely decisive for ongoing renewal and development. As an institute of education and research in a small city in a small country the school has therefore always given high priority to international exchanges - through such means as inviting foreign lecturers, teachers and students. Of the approximately 800 students who attend Aarhus School of Architecture today, about 175 come from abroad. And international relations will be further strengthened in the years to come.
I hope the following pages will give you an idea of what Aarhus School of Architecture has to offer students.


Yours faithfully,
Torben Nielsen

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