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PhD at the Aarhus School of Architecture

The architectural research education
The research education at the Aarhus School of Architecture aims to stimulate and develop a research practice based on the architecture and design professional methods and themes.
To a large extent the inquiring architect or designer shall develop opportunities for dialogue between visual-spatial manifestation processes and the theoretical reflection linguistic and conceptual framework based on his or her own academic background.

In recent years, the PhD School at the Aarhus School of Architecture has chosen to focus on the development of a research-by-design-based research, where practical elements and experiments constitute essential parts of the research methodology and dissemination.


The PhD school and courses
PhD student at the Aarhus School of Architecture are enrolled at the PhD School which is responsible for the training elements of a PhD program and works as a common forum for the  PhD students. The PhD School offers courses and seminars for both PhD students and PhD supervisors and the School organizes open biannual presentation seminars (Vivas) where the PhD students present their projects and discusses the progression with each other and the PhD supervisors of the School.
PhD students from Aarhus School of Architecture can also attend PhD courses at the PhD schools at other institutions.


What is a PhD program all about?
A PhD program is a research education lasting 3 years. You perform an independent PhD project under the guidance of experienced researchers and participate in PhD courses. The study is largely an individual program organized by the PhD student and the supervisor jointly and described in a PhD plan.

What is a PhD project?
A PhD project is a scientific project and the finished result is manufactured in a thesis that must match international standard for doctoral dissertations in the field of architectural skills.
The study is progressing primarily as a self-study course supplemented in part by a basic doctoral course, partly by courses on specific topics of particular relevance to the individual PhD project. 


Academic reflection
The PhD student will develop the architectural issue in relation to more general standards for scientific research and a PhD project is primarily theoretical, where the subject-specific shall be subjected to systematic reflection. 


Conscience of methodology
The finished result must comply with the standards of education activities, including the methodology and problem consciousness that is more or less common to all scientific research.


Cooperation and networking
Besides the scientific aim the PhD program holds the practical aim to increase the student’s power to cooperate with representatives of other research environments both nationally and internationally. Networking and organizing professional events as symposia, master classes, etc. is an essential aspect of a doctorate. 


PhD thesis
PhD study concludes with a thesis that must match international standards for PhD theses within architectural topics. The thesis must be defended at a public defense. 


Updated 4. July 2014 by Hanne F. Gjelstrup


Further information

Head of PhD School and MSO Professor Johan Verbeke
e-mail: Johan.Verbeke@aarch.dk

Research Coordinator and Secretary for the Doctoral School Hanne F. Gjelstrup 
e-mail: Hanne.Gjelstrup@aarch.dk
Phone: +45 89 36 01 76



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